The garlic of Voghiera is cultivated in a limited area that is precisely identified and that must fall within the small municipality of Voghiera, Ferrara, ITALY, and   a  small part in neighbouring municipalities  it is a niche product that represents a true delicacy of our territory. The bulb is of good size,  homogenous, compact, white and glossy, The delicate, intense and very pleasant small gives food greatcharacter. In order to inform the public of the properties of this valuable plant, The Local Municipal Administration has activated initiatives for its promotion supporting, among other things,the formation of the Consortium of the Producers of Garlic of Voghiera, which aims to protect the authenticity of the product and provide technical assistance to the members in order to always obtain a guaranteed healthy product that responds to the organoleptic characteristics of P.D.O. garlic of Voghiera. The "Protected Designation of Origin” (PDO) has been an important recognition from the European Community. The production must take place in compliance with strict specifications that provide  behaviourial norms to follow from the sowing to packaging and that prescribe,  among other things, that  all the operations must   be rigorously carried out within the defined area.  Obviously, in addition to the production, there is also the preparation and packaging. All this because in addition to the climate, the connection with the territory, the tradition in the cultivation and preparation which are the skills and the many small “tricks” handed down through the generations and that make the garlic of Voghiera special are of fundamental importance. Copyright © Aglio del Nonno 2012 FERRARA FERRARA Read the P.D.O. pecifications or download the document. The original Garlic of Voghiera The recommended method is to hang the bulbs in a dry and well-ventilated place. As an alternative, the bulbs may be peeled and then put in the freezer. Welcome to the Garlic of Voghiera website